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Engraving 101

Posted: Oct 10 2014

One-of-a-kind, the only possible way to take your gorgeous Houdt cover to the next level. Bring out your inner designer, or bribe one to help bring your vision to life. Have your say and engrave anything you can think of - your company logo, a family crest, your favourite quote or even a personal motto - onto one of our stunning covers. Here's everything you need to know. 

Wood types

Much like fine wine, our wood only gets better with time. The following are the different wood options available to you plus the benefits and considerations you should take note of. 


Pro - Extremely clear engraving that get's better with time

Con - Large flat surface areas tend not to work as well as other areas 


Pro - Unique wood with good colour to make any engraving 'pop'

Con - None. Houdt recommends this product if you're unsure.


Pro - Rich colour which enhances any engraving by exposing the fantastic grains typical of the wood.

Con - None. Another safe bet


Pro - Dark finish and beautiful grain that works better with simpler, bolder engravings

Con - Complex designs tend to not show clearly

The Engraving process

We engrave at 300dpi, the maximum possible for wood detailing that ensures a crisp, sharp final product. Optimal results require that a vector file must be provided (ai / eps / pdf are acceptable) and that any text is converted to outlines to make certain that your chosen font keeps its unique characteristics. There are many programs you can use to create the files such as Adobe IllustratorCorel DrawInkscape and others.

Artwork must be provided in black and white, bearing in mind that only what's black will be engraved. Unfortunately we cannot engrave gradients so only solid black engravings will be accepted. Conversely colour artwork, photographs or any copyrighted design will be rejected. Your design must not only remain within the template, but Houdt recommends a safe area for engraving which helps avoid any awkward edges.

If the design you provide isn't suitable, for whatever reason, we GUARANTEE to refund your payment.

Design Service

At the moment this is not a service we provide, but it is something we are looking in to. Should you have any queries regarding the customisation feel free to contact us at info(at)houdt.co.za, we look forward to helping you create your dream cover. 




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